Keep your patio or outdoor seating area cool and comfortable, with roofing panels insulated in sunshine coast

It goes without saying that an uncovered patio or outdoor seating area will be a hot place to spend your time on warm and sunny summer days. What many homeowners don’t realise, though, is that simply shading your patio isn’t enough to keep it cool and comfortable. On the contrary, if you use roofing panels that aren’t insulated to cover and shade your patio, the heat is still going to make its way to you and your guests. You need a higher quality shading solution to provide the proper protection from the heat and the elements.

Kool panels: Your source for roofing panels in sunshine coast

Especially if your patio is situated in such a way that it catches a lot of the afternoon or evening sun, it can be difficult to keep that area cool. It’s still a beautiful place to sit and read, have a drink, catch up with friends and family or eat dinner, but it can be sticky, hot, and uncomfortable without an insulated roof panel.

What insulated roofing panels do is prevent all that heat from getting to you. Non-insulated materials absorb all the heat from the sun and then radiate that heat down on you and your guests. In fact, sometimes, a patio shaded by an uninsulated roof can feel as hot or hotter than simply sitting underneath the sun. By limiting the airflow and trapping the heat in a tighter area, the roof turns your patio area into a sauna. Think of it as a car sitting in the sun with the windows cracked: even though the windows are open, the car is still hot unless it’s moving to maximise airflow, or the air conditioning is running.

At Kool Panels, we believe that you shouldn’t have to set up fans or air conditioning units to keep your porch or patio cool. After all, you’re outside! You should be able to count on breezes and natural air flow to keep your outdoor seating area at a cool and bearable temperature. For that reason, we design roofing panels insulated on the Gold Coast. These roofing panels use thick steel and dense foam to block the heat before it ever gets to you. As a result, you can enjoy all the benefits of your outdoor seating area without worrying about extreme heat.

Get More Use out of Your Patio Area with the Help of Kool Panels

A patio or porch without an insulated roof can still be a lovely place to watch the sunset or enjoy the weather on cooler days. However, since Sunshine Coast gets so much sunshine and experiences high temperatures in the summertime, uninsulated patios can heat up quickly. You’ll get some relief if you live near the water and can capitalise on fresh ocean breezes, but an uninsulated roof will still heat up quickly.

Give yourself a reason to use your outdoor seating area more often. Invest in roof panels from Sunshine Coast’s Kool Panels. Our roofing panels are insulated and perfect for Sunshine Coast weather so that you can maintain a cooler and more comfortable patio space. Learn more by calling us on 0439 411 184.